Summer Madness

Summer is officially here!!!! my brother’s family is here and now we’ve got 6 kids together playing, eating and screaming….so you can imagine how fun and mad this summer will be…..

We have been trying to keep everyone busy, especially after they get back from their summer camp… until now we went to a couple of parks ( btw i LOVE parks) playing outdoors with sand and just getting that fresh breeze is always a better way to spend your afternoons than staying in front of the TV………

Now, my little boy is the youngest one…..he isn’t used to that many kids running around and playing but I think he is coping well…….he did have some emotional breakdowns 🙂 he is the sensitive kind which is absolutely sweet and cute, but when you have this much kids and fights you can imagine how hard it is for him to control his emotions…… by chance I found this great site that gives you some REAL parenting tips from moms who actually tried them….I found the title very interesting and I believe I already do some of the tips…….I know my son is going to be the sensitive one, who cares about everybody ,and yes, he will cry with that kid who just lost his ice cream,  and I accept that about him…I know that some people make fun of that and they keep telling me that it’s wrong….but I am okay with him being like that….it’s just his personality…which by the way is unique! I can imagine him when he is older and cares about other people, maybe he will be involved in some kind of humanitarian work…who knows!!!!

I just know that:

I Accept My Son….just the way he is….and I LOVE him for being who he is…..

How about you Moms…….how do you deal with your kids individuality and personality………


About Sura

Hi my name is Sura, i currently live in Amman, Jordan. I am a wife to my amazing Husband Sohaib, and a Mother to the cutest 2 year old Mohammad. I love to create things. I love to knit, craft, bake, cook, shop and read.
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