Homemade Tortillas

Crazy right!!!! but the idea of making homemade tortillas was just the thing I was looking for. Its really healthy, and we love tortillas at our house….so why not!!!

At first I thought this would be easy, well, it wasn’t that easy 😦

The hardest part was to roll the dough and give those tortillas a round shape! The dough was really stiff, its not a soft bread dough but it was an experiment that we really enjoyed….

Mohammad had a wonderful time making these tortillas, he ate fresh tortillas too (he had to test them!)

The recipe is adapted from Whole Family Fare :

2 cups unbleached flour
1 1/2 cups stoneground whole wheat flour
1 tsp. sea salt
3/4 tsp. non-aluminum baking powder
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 cup warm water

I just combined everything together and started to kneed the dough (that was hard to be honest)…then the hardest part came….to get circle tortillas!!

I found that rolling your dough then bring any plate you have and just cut around it is easier and I left the pieces for my son (he loved them by the way)

I used my lovely Ikea iron skillet to make the tortillas, it was really easy they don’t that much time…..and we started to eat them…..

The next day we ate tortillas with Zait & Za’tar with some homemade Hummus……good stuff 🙂

Will you ever try making homemade tortillas, or do you think its not worth the time and effort?


About Sura

Hi my name is Sura, i currently live in Amman, Jordan. I am a wife to my amazing Husband Sohaib, and a Mother to the cutest 2 year old Mohammad. I love to create things. I love to knit, craft, bake, cook, shop and read.
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One Response to Homemade Tortillas

  1. JoAnne Daab says:

    I have tried to make tortillas and they turned out okay. You are right, Sura, the hardest part is getting them nice and round! 🙂

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