The Art of Origami

I happen to love everything Japanese, I mean these people know how to craft! They love creating things from scratch and turning them to amazing art. I already know how great they are in knitting and crochet, when I ever I see a Japanese pattern I just “sigh” , the simplicity of their designs, makes everything they do looks so modern yet gives that handmade touch .

Now, i have seen allot of Origami in the past but they all seem so HARD! So I went to my favorite site YouTube, and there were hundreds of videos…..I found these two videos were clear and simple:

This one was actually something I was dying to make, I saw some ideas using the crane (once I know what I’m going to do with it, I will let you know) Once I saw the video a couple of times it was easy, it wasn’t that hard actually, so really this guy makes everything so simple! Also, I love how Japanese have meaning for everything, the legend says that anyone who folds one thousand paper cranes will have their heart’s desire come true…..isn’t that sweet!!!!!!

Now, I made one for me (one down 999 to go), so I couldn’t just forget about my son! so searched for something simple and exciting for him, and that’s what i created 🙂

This video shows the basic way to create an animal face, so you can create different animals with this design, i think it was a great simple Origami design, that you can use for every age…..just think about an animal that has a face structure similar to a tiger…the options are endless (i guess!)

Try Origami…it’s a fun inexpensive way to teach your childern and yourself the importance of handmade things…..Let me know what you have created 🙂

Take Care,

Sura, Arabian Mommy


About Sura

Hi my name is Sura, i currently live in Amman, Jordan. I am a wife to my amazing Husband Sohaib, and a Mother to the cutest 2 year old Mohammad. I love to create things. I love to knit, craft, bake, cook, shop and read.
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2 Responses to The Art of Origami

  1. Reem says:

    I love origami, anf I stsrted with it 4 years ago, but I’m still mid level imitator 🙂 I hope oneday I will be able to invint myown structures ;D thouhh I dought between you and me 😉
    I find it very relaxing and meditating!! did u know that google doodles were celebrating the birthday of the master of modern origami art, a japanies man, give it a look if u haven’t already 🙂
    Nice blog by the way, congrates 😉
    Reem younis

    • Sura says:

      Hey Reem, I’m glad you liked my post……i think Origami is such a relaxing and quick craft (unlike knitting :P) and i will definitely check the master of this amazing art… should keep doing Origami…..don’t lose your hobbies 🙂

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