Crafty MaMa!

We are having the time of our life….it’s Fall!!!!

I happen to love Fall for two good reasons……the weather starts to chill a bit, which gives me some good excuse to knit 🙂 and it’s my birthday’s month 😛

I have been busy doing allot of things, some knitting, crocheting, embroidery and of course crafting with Mr.Mohammad (my manly boy) I have already knitted one jacket for him and I’m currently working on a sweater, after that I might give socks a try (let’s hope they will work out) I have also knitted a pair of fingerless mittens for my cold cold hands….they get pretty cold in winter…….

However, the peek of my week is something I have been thinking about quite some time…..a windchime…….that noisy beautiful thing people hang outside……..yesssssssss I always wanted some…..

So, yesterday Sohaib and Mr. M were hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma…..I got my bead collection out and got it going……the end result was AMAZING….even Mr. M loved it…….

Here it is….with its own gorgeousness

Making it was so simple, I just had an old strainer….a small one actually…..some beads and old earning that I no longer to wear……got really creative with this one…..I didn’t even bother to get the colors “perfect”……..I can really say that I love it……lets see how long it will last during winter….the windy season here……

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The New Toy….

Well, Ramadan and blogging just don’t get along together…..there is soo much to do in so little time……However, I promised myself that I will do some things for my son, who is by the way an angel during Ramadan 🙂

Eid Al Fitr is next week, so I thought this year I will do something different……besides not eating allot of ma’amoul (Arabian style cookie)……I will “make” some gifts, so I started with the closest one to my heart: Mohammad (my son)

And because lately I have learned the art of crochet I decided I will crochet something cute and easy….and then Amineko came……it’s a cat….it’s cute……and most importantly it’s JAPANESE!!!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I happen to love everything Japanese….EVERYTHING……I just believe these people are geniuses….. their crafts, food, technology and society wise….I just salute them…..

The making of the Amineko was easy, but I did face some difficulties…..lack of experience I guess…….the assembly was pretty easy, although I stayed up till 2 after midnight just to finish it 🙂

Of course, the idea was to give Mohammad this toy in Eid, but I couldn’t resist!!! I had to see if he would love it or naaah…..but he LOVES it……I can see more Aminekos on the way……I big happy family of crocheted cats 🙂

The best part is that Mohammad loves it…….but we are still looking for a name…..what do you suggest……..

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My New Kitchen Set

I have been busy crocheting the past couple of days….I find crocheting so easy and soothing…..especially that it doesn’t need allot of calculations

To tell you the truth, this project has been on my mind for a loooooong time….but first of all I never knew how to crochet, and second I couldn’t find a decent price on cotton yarn….until I came across this shop who sold me 300 grams of white cotton and 4 balls  (100 grams each) for the price of….7 Jordanian Dinars!!!! (that’s about 10 US Dollars)

So I had to crochet something useful…..the 2 washcloths were pretty simple just some single crochet and some stripes…..

The potholder was kind of tricky, but once i got the hang of it it was easy peasy….I actually used it today!! it was very good…..perfectooo


Now I’m thinking of making something new for me…..for a change….I have been making allot of things for others, its my time….I guess….

I’m thinking of a summer bolero…a cotton maybe……maybe i can find some cute yarn at my local shop and we’ll see…….

P.S: if you need a pattern for the kitchen set, just tell me, i have a couple of patterns…and you can always add me on Ravelry….

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Ramadan Mubarak Ű±Ù…Ű¶Ű§Ù† Ù…ŰšŰ§Ű±Ùƒ

Ramadan is here!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  I love Ramadan, everything about Ramadan makes life simple and merciful….

The Holy month of Ramadan is the Muslim fasting month…Ramadan is kind of our new year resolution for our spirits……we don’t only fast food, but in Ramadan you become your every everything…. Of course nothing is easy about fasting during summer for 16 hours 🙂  but the rewards are greater……Al Hammdolelah (thank God)

Ramadan is the month were we meet our families everyday 🙂 we eat together at the same time everyday……we pray together as a family….how come you can’t love Ramadan!!!

Muslims usually think about Ramadan as a changing point in their lives,  people start to think about their relationship with God, are they doing their best, and the most important question, will God be happy with me? (InshAllah yes)

As for me, my plan this Ramadan is to ask forgiveness from God and from everybody I have ever hurt (unintentionally) InshAllah this year I will read more Quran than I usually do, and read more books on Islamic Issues………

My prayers and dua’as this year is for all Muslims around the world who have been suffering, this year especially wasn’t easy on the Middle East…let us just pray for the freedom of our brothers and sisters in Syria…

Ramadan Mubarak for all the Muslims around the world……

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Summer Madness

Summer is officially here!!!! my brother’s family is here and now we’ve got 6 kids together playing, eating and screaming….so you can imagine how fun and mad this summer will be…..

We have been trying to keep everyone busy, especially after they get back from their summer camp… until now we went to a couple of parks ( btw i LOVE parks) playing outdoors with sand and just getting that fresh breeze is always a better way to spend your afternoons than staying in front of the TV………

Now, my little boy is the youngest one…..he isn’t used to that many kids running around and playing but I think he is coping well…….he did have some emotional breakdowns 🙂 he is the sensitive kind which is absolutely sweet and cute, but when you have this much kids and fights you can imagine how hard it is for him to control his emotions…… by chance I found this great site that gives you some REAL parenting tips from moms who actually tried them….I found the title very interesting and I believe I already do some of the tips…….I know my son is going to be the sensitive one, who cares about everybody ,and yes, he will cry with that kid who just lost his ice cream,  and I accept that about him…I know that some people make fun of that and they keep telling me that it’s wrong….but I am okay with him being like that….it’s just his personality…which by the way is unique! I can imagine him when he is older and cares about other people, maybe he will be involved in some kind of humanitarian work…who knows!!!!

I just know that:

I Accept My Son….just the way he is….and I LOVE him for being who he is…..

How about you Moms…….how do you deal with your kids individuality and personality………

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Hey There….

I have to admit that I have been lazy the past 2 months!!! i didn’t write anything!!!! I know, I know….I’m such a bad blogger 🙂

But I have a good excuse, I have been busy crocheting some stuff for my home…..I have to say that crocheting is sooooo relaxing and easier than knitting, but don’t get me wrong I will always knit….only in winter though .

I have completed the crocheted cushion….but still didn’t get it in the cushion shape 🙂

I have also made a garland and the cutest flower ever!!! ( I am way too proud of my work)



I am also working on something else, still not sure what it will be….there will be lots of granny squares that is all I know right now


The weather in Amman is HOT….like really hot….we try to get out after the sunsets…..but I love summer, I don’t care how hot it is I just think its the best season for kids to get active and play outside as much as they can…..and its watermelon season!!!Hammoudeh LOVES bateekh (watermelon in Arabic) its becoming one of his favorite fruits now….

The newest news regarding my sunshine kiddo, is that we are potty training him!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY….actually its only me 🙂 and him of course, so far its going pretty well, maybe another week or so and he will be a big boy who uses the toilet (Thank God)

So how about you mommies, how was your potty training experience?? and if you haven’t started yet, when are you planning to?



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My Attempt to Crochet

Sorry for not being able to post anything new on my blog for the past 2 weeks, the first week the entire family was sick, the weather hasn’t been great here in Jordan, but El Hamdolelah we are so much better 🙂  The other week, well, to be honest i was just lazy and very tired of the past week 😀

So during that week i have decided to learn and practice crochet. I have been taught to knit by my mother since I was 10, and I improved my skills the past 3 years by searching the internet and buying great books….However, I always wanted to learn how crochet, I have been fascinated by the patterns and the finished look of crocheted projects…..So, I thought “how hard it would be to learn it!!”

I don’t know if you ever heard of Ravelry, but it’s like Facebook  for crocheters and knitters! (and it’s addictive) it was the perfect place for me to find free patterns to try out crochet, and i came across this lovely pattern  how gorgeous is that!!!! Of course I’m not planning on making a blanket, i want to take it slow, so I’m going to make a cushion using Lucy’s Summer Garden Granny Square and hopefully it will turn out as beautiful as her blanket 🙂

I have already started the past week and I have finished 21 pieces!!! ahhhh I love crochet….where have you been in my life!

Some people may think that it’s silly to crochet or knit (or any other craft)…they belive why bother? you can buy that ready from shops…..but,you see, I LOVE making things from scratch, from food to home decor to garments, it just makes me feel satisfied…even if it’s not 100% “perfect”  It’s just the idea of creating something from simple things that appeals to me….I mean if you look at it it’s just threads and some tool (crochet hook/knitting needles/sewing needle) that creates these beautiful things we see everyday….Do you agree with me? Or am I the only one here that appreciate handmade work! (I hope not)

So, what is you favorite craft, do you knit or crochet…if you don’t will you ever try it?

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